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Windows® 7 Bluetooth Setup


Microsoft® has changed the way Bluetooth (BT) connections are created in Windows® 7. Many will find that this new BT setup is much easier than any other BT configuration offered on a Windows® platform in the past. Here are the steps associated with setting up a BT connection on Windows® 7.


1- First turn on any BT devices that you would like to pair with your computer. Then select the BT Icon from the taskbar on the bottom right hand side of your desktop with a double left click or stylus tap (next to the clock).









2- If you do no see a BT Icon in this area select the up arrow from the taskbar and you should be able to see a BT Icon along with other services. You may then double left click on the BT icon to start.

















3- If you happen to only single click/tap on the BT icon you will see the screen below. If so, select "Show Bluetooth Devices" from the menu.















4- Next you will see a window open that will display your BT devices. To start setup please select the button from the upper left corner that is labeled "Add a device".










5- After selecting "Add a device" you will be presented with a window that will automatically show the BT devices in range of the computer. If you do not see the device you would like to setup ensure that the device is powered on and has a completely unobstructed view of the computer. Do not attempt to setup or use a BT device through glass windows or doors. Once you see the device you would like to setup and use please select it from this window and click the "Next" button in the bottom right hand corner of the window.



















6- The next window that you should see in the setup process will be for pairing the BT device with your computer. Please select "Enter the device's pairing code" then click "next".





















7- Enter the device's pairing code into the text box available. GlobalSat GPS units use the pairing code "0000". WX WORX Bluetooth units use the code "9679". Zaon XRX Bluetooth units use the code "0". Once you enter the code click "Next".

















8- The computer and BT device will now pair with one another. If the pairing process process fails for any reason please reset the power on the BT device (turn it off then back on) and start this process again from step 1. Once successfully paired you will see a page stating that your device has been added to your computer. You may click "Close" on that window. You will also see a device added to the list of BT devices. Windows will most likely pop up a small bubble/tip that it is "Installing device driver software" and you will see a small clock icon affixed to the newly added device. Please wait for these two indications to close/disappear prior to the next step, Windows is creatin the COM port connections needed to continue during this time.

















9- After the install and clock indications disappear, please right click on the newly added device then select "Properties"

















10- Once the Properties window opens you will see a list of tabs along the top. Please select the services tab then ensure that you do the following: 1-Make sure there is a service 2-Ensure there is a check box next to the service 3- Notate what "COM" number Windows has assigned your device's service, you will NEED this number to setup your software with the device. Once these three items are complete you may click "OK"















11- You are done with BT setup. If you have more devices repeat the process to add another device. If you have added all of your BT devices for now you may close this window, open your software (ChartCase to setup GPS or XRX) and WX WORX XM Link to setup wit WX WORX receiver) and setup the new com port to be read in the software. For instructions on configuring ChartCase and XM Link please see the FlightPrep help manual. You will then be ready to use your BT devices! The image below is ChartCase using three simultaneous BT connections from GPS, Traffic, and WX WORX!