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How to Setup your ChartCase System for Auto-Start

If you are interested in having your tablet computer auto start to the In Flight mode of ChartCase and connect to your Bluetooth Devices automatically please follow the procedure below: This operation and process is only an addition for customers running ChartCase Professional. There is no warranty of phone support for this operation. Please forward any questions on the following procedure to support@flightprep.com.

1- Create Shortcuts to ChartCase and if you use XM weather, XM Link radio in your startup folder

a-To do this open your [Start] button, [All Programs],
and right click on the [Startup} folder, then select [Open]

b- Then create shortcuts for your ChartCase and XM Link
programs on the Desktop.  Copy these new shortcuts
from the Desktop to the startup folder

2- Start your ChartCase Program

a- Select [Chart] [Preferences] or use the globe tool icon

b- Select the Moving Map tab (the 5th and last tab in the
Chart Preferences window)

c- Put a check in the box for "Start in In Flight Mode"

3- Test your new setup

a- Ensure that your Bluetooth devices are turned on

b- Restart your computer and say hello to the ChartCase
In Flight mode within approx 15-30 seconds

c- Verify that your GPS and WX WORX connections are made
-define your first/top In Flight Mode [Page] button to display
"Satellite View" and "XM Weather"
-Verify that you are receiving data

4- For further questions please e-mail support@flightprep.com