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Removing Stuck Updates from FlightPrep Directories

Version 5.1.0 implemented a fix for downloads that do not automatically apply, the so-called "Stuck Updates" problem.  Use the following procedure if your FlightPrep software has updates that do not install once you have selected [Apply Updates] and the data is not applied.

Follow these steps to clear data that is not applying correctly:

  1. Close your FlightPrep software if it is running

  2. Open [My Computer] and Browse on your;

  3. Windows XP computer to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FlightPrep
    Windows Vista computer to C:\Program Data\FlightPrep

  4. Delete the folders labeled "Download" and "Pending" if they exist.

  5. Start your FlightPrep software and download the updates again.


***If using MS Vista, ensure that you have already followed the Vista Compatibility Tech Tip or this procedure will not help you.***

***If you do not see the "Application Data" folder (XP) or the "Program Data" folder (Vista), follow this tip. ***