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Virtual Test Prep® An Aviation Ground School produced for ASA by Stenbock Communications, brings an advanced classroom into your training when and where you need it!

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ASA presents aviation's most exciting new aviation ground school for DVD - Virtual Test Prep. Now students can learn the material they need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam right from their TV or PC DVD player by taking advantage of these latest developments in video production education.

Using 3D and animated graphics, special effects, and terrific in-flight footage, our flight instructors and subject experts can help you prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam with a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience and review. Learn from the DVD, take the interactive on-screen subject quiz, then use the included ASA Test Prep and work through the questions for a comprehensive aviation ground school.

This course provides an organized, easy-to-follow curriculum for any television or computer DVD player for the Certified Flight Instructor certificate. Students watch the DVD to learn the material, take an interactive on-screen quiz consisting of sample FAA questions, then study the complete bank of FAA questions in the Test Prep book included in the package.

Virtual Test Prep uses the latest 3D and animated graphics, special effects, air-to-air video, experienced flight instructors and subject experts, with real-world tips from the classroom, in the airplane, and at the airport. Students will be prepared for their FAA exam, not by rote memorization, but with a true understanding and application of the knowledge needed for the test, making them better and safer pilots.

Other features of the series:

  • On-screen aviation mentors coach students with the use of top-notch instructional aids, training technologies, and real-world training tips for a dynamic learning environment.
  • More than 10 hours of high-quality DVD presentation brings students all the information they need to ace both the Fundamentals of Instructing and the Flight Instructor FAA Knowledge Exams, with the flexibility of DVD instantaneous control.
  • At the end of each lesson an interactive quiz with real FAA exam questions challenges students; scores are displayed so they can monitor their progress for an on-track course.
  • Real-world in-flight video provides focused and exciting learning.
  • Meets 14 CFR Part 61 home study requirements and the organization makes it an easy addition to any classroom-style ground school.
  • Includes Test Prep book and Computer Testing Supplement, with all the FAA test questions, answers, explanations, full-color graphics, and 4 full-length practice tests.
  • Graduation certificate with instructor sign-off (endorsement) available from ASA upon completion of the course.

System Requirements: Television or computer DVD player. Compatible with both PC and Macintosh DVD systems. Instrument and Private Pilot courses have Blu-Ray format available as well!

Alton Marsh - AOPA Flight Training said "The course(s) make extensive use of 3D graphics, topnotch instructors, and real-world in-flight video to provide low-snooze, high energy viewing."

DVD Courses are available for

  • Recreational Pilot
  • Private Pilot - Airplane
  • Private Pilot - Helicopter
  • Commercial Pilot -Airplane
  • Flight Instructor - Airplane
  • Instrument Rating - Airplane
  • Instrument Flight Instructor - Airplane

The FAA Computer Tests
FAA Order 8080.6B provides detailed information covering conduct of airmen knowledge tests. It provides guidance for Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs) and other third parties seeking to participate in the FAA Computer-Assisted Airmen Knowledge Testing Program. Also check FAR 61.35 Prerequisites, FAR 61.37 Cheating, and FAR 61.49 Retesting.

FAA Knowledge Test Requirements
Prior to taking an FAA computerized test, you must have your Flight Instructor endorsement indicating you have taken an appropriate ground school or home study course meeting FAR 61.35. The proof may be a graduation certificate from the ground school, or a written statement from your flight instructor. You must provide proof of a permanent mailing address, personal identification and proof of your age. The identification must include your photo, your signature and your residential address. Acceptable forms of identification are: driver's license, government id card, green card, military id card or passport.

The Computerized Test
Computer testing centers must have a method for on-line registration of test applicants during normal business hours. You will be given a set time to complete the test, which is based on past experience of others who have taken the similar tests. The selection of questions is done for you by the computer.

Test Materials
The FAA lets you use test materials, reference materials, and aids meeting FAA guidelines, provided the real FAA Knowledge Test questions or answers are not shown. You may also use any reference materials provided with the test. Plotters and E6B computer are allowed so long as only the permanently inscribed directions of the manufacturer are included. Instructions on the front and back of these aids, such as formulas, conversions, regulations, signals, weather data, holding pattern diagrams, frequencies, weight and balance formulas and so forth are permissible.

The latest test taken will always reflect the official score. You must give up the previous test report to the test proctor before re-testing. The original test report must be destroyed by the test proctor after giving the retest. According to FAR 61.49, you may apply for re-testing after receiving additional training and an endorsement from an authorized instructor who has determined he has found you competent to pass the test.

Where to Take the FAA Tests
You may take your test at the following sites:
LaserGrade Computer Testing
Outside U.S. (360) 896-9111

Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS)
Outside U.S. (650) 259-8550

Sylvan Prometric
Outside U.S. (612) 820-5702

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