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NavPlan: Easy 100% Online Free Flight Planning from any browser.

Give it a try right now, no need to log in at:http://www.navplan.com

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Free NavPlan Features

  • Seamless VFR (Sectional and TAC) & IFR (Low and High enroute) charts for the US 48 States
  • Terrain and Satellite base maps
  • Profile View with Terrain, Airspace, and MEA's (Minimum Enroute Altitudes)
  • Touch Flight Planning (Via Mouse or Finger Touch)
  • SIDs, STARs, and Approach Procedures (IAPs)
  • Create, Edit, or even Copy Aircraft files to save as your own
  • Airport information
  • Weather Briefings through CSC DUATS
  • Flight Plan Filing through CSC DUATS
  • Graphical NEXRAD Overlay
  • Graphical Temperature Overlay
  • Graphical Satellite Cloud Layer Overlay
  • Graphical TFR Overlay
  • Flight Log Printing
  • Flight Plan Printing
  • Trip Kit Printing and PDF saving for Charts, Plates, weather, briefing, and more

Portions of the NavPlan online planner are covered by U.S. Pat. No. 7,640,098, 8,793,070, and 8,447,512.