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Changing your password in iChart:

If you change your password at flightprep.com or in one software application please ensure that you also make the change to reflect the new password on your other installations or other products.

iChart iOS Application Instructions

To change your password in iChart please first change your password at flightprep.com. To view your FlightPrep account information, go to our home page www.flightprep.com, log in with your current email address and password, then click Account Information. From there you can see your account information, your subscriptions, and change your password. Once your password has been changed please do the following in iChart when your iOS device is on the internet (either 3G or WiFi):

1- Open your iChart Application and Select the account page of the app

2- If you have changed your password at flightprep.com you will find that your account email is displayed but not your data subscription (as indicated in the account information screen image above)

Select the White arrow with blue background next to your email address to open your account information

3- Logoff of your account by using the Logoff button on the bottom right of the account information screen (if your keyboard is up you may not be able to see the button, please close the keyboard (You may close the on screen keyboard by selecting the button on the bottom right of the keyboard to close it), then select Logoff.

4- Select cancel on the upper left hand side of the log in screen and exit the app

5- Reopen the app (it should take you right to the account page)

Login using your email address and new password, verify your subscription appears correctly under Subscriptions and you are done.

If you have any questions on the procedures above please send email to support@flightprep.com or call 503-583-4360