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FlightPrep is an aviation software company founded by Roger Stenbock in 1997, and is the leader in Flight Planning and Electronic Flight Bag software, providing the next generation of electronic flight bags, flight planning and navigation software, and high quality digital geo-referenced navigation charts. Our team continues to lead the aviation software industry both online and in the cockpit.

As part of our commitment to the aviation community, we license some of our technology, services and/or products to third-party vendors. If you would like to learn more about obtaining a license from FlightPrep, please contact us at license@flightprep.com or call (503) 678-4360.

Online Flight Planning

FlightPrep was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,640,098 on December 29, 2009 for online flight planning. The patent was invented by Roger Stenbock and Kyle Everson and describes how flight planning is possible using an Internet browser to display charts and routes interactively from data stored on an Internet server. The invention cites the ability for the user to interactively modify routes without requiring the download of the entire chart after each change. The patent also covers the ability to receive flight plans from an Internet server as well as the ability to file flight plans generated by an Internet server with a travel regulating agency (U.S. Patent No. 7,640,098).


License Information
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