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Missing Airways from your Low Enroute Chart?

The FAA has issued the L 21 Low Enroute Chart purposely without airways. If you are operating in Eastern Texas or Western Florida here is a procedure for you to see those airways again. To rid your system of the L21 Low Enroute Chart Please do the following:

Removing the Gulf of Mexico L-21 Low Enroute Chart from your system:

1-      Close your FlightPrep software if it is running

2-      Open My Computer

3-      Browse to your Windows XP Computer to:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FlightPrep\NData\US\LowEnroutes . On your Windows Vista PC Browse to C:\Program Data\FlightPrep\NData\US\LowEnroutes

4-      **If you do not see the Application Data Folder (XP) or the Program Data Folder (Vista) please open Folder Options through your control panel.

a.       Once inside Folder Options you will see a collection of Tabs, select the second tab labeled “View”.

b.      On the View tab you will see a collection of check and radio (Circular) options.

c.       Select the option to “Show Hidden Files and Folders”

d.      After making the selection select Apply and then OK

e.      Browsing back to the location requested will now display properly.

5-      Delete the file named l21ifru.SEI

6-      Close out of the directory and restart your software. You should no longer have the L21 Chart displayed in your area