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Golden Eagle by FlightPrepTM Provided by CSC DUATS

For a Free Golden Eagle Disk call CSC DUATS at 1-800-345-3828

CSC Inc. DUATS of Chantilly, Virginia, has selected FlightPrepTM, to power the Golden Eagle FlightPrepTM flight planner. This new flight planner is a replacement for the popular CirrusTM software which has been the mainstay offline and dial-up DUATS flight planner for the last eight years, for several hundred thousand pilots.

Golden Eagle FlightPrepTM was developed to better take advantage of the latest internet online flight planning capability while retaining all the functionality of the original CirrusTM software. Many new features, such as weather overlay, always current TFR's, richer flight planning charts, and a direct online flight planning gateway to FlightPrepTM, make Golden Eagle FlightPrepTM the flight planner of choice for pilots facing the challenges of today's complex airspace.

The New Golden Eagle Flight Planner includes:

• Now add optional VFR & IFR charts as well as Approach Plates to your flight preparation system
• New airspace & TFR tool tips let you "touch" airspace and get instant identification and effective details
• New graphical airspace depiction on the Profile view with airspace tool tip capability
• New Route wizard featuring SIDs & STARs listings
• New Internet "Auto-Update" feature to alert you of new data and program files

While Golden Eagle FlightPrepTM does all your basic offline and online flight planning, it also provides a entry point to FlightPrep's premium products. These include ChartCaseTM and ChartCase ProfessionalTM, which deliver GPS positioning on charts and plates, XM Weather support, Highway in the Sky (HITS), Terrain Awareness (TAWS), and more! Additional premium features include the dynamic weight and balance, custom aircraft installation and other advanced technical support options.

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