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iChart for iOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What iPad do you recommend for running your app?

All of the available data for the current iChart app would occupy almost 8GB of storage space on your iPad device. While any of the currently available iPads or iPhones have enough storage space for this much data, we would suggest the 32 or 64 Gigabyte models to ensure that you have room for other items. Both the iPad first generation, as well as the iPad 2 & 3 (2012) are capable of running iChart.

What version of the iPad/iPhone Operating System (iOS) do you require or recommend?

While the current app only requires that you have iOS version 5 installed, we suggest that you always keep your iOS (the operating system on the iPad/iPhone) up to date with the latest version from Apple. We have posted a quick how to on our blog with instructions on how to update your device. You can visit Apple’s iOS website for information on the latest iOS version.

What about the 3G+WiFi Model?

Numerous aviation magazines and other sources have recommended the iPad 4G+WiFi model which is an additional $129 over the Wi-Fi only model since it has mobile internet as an option and also includes what is called Assisted GPS (A-GPS). A-GPS is a technology that uses both GPS and WiFi networks to lock onto your GPS position. If you are also going to be using the iPad for street navigation with apps from Navigon or something similar the A-GPS works very well for ground-borne operations. The iChart app will also display GPS position from A-GPS but we have found that separate GPS units like the Dual XGPS150 available from FlightPrep for $99.99 work much better in the air than the A-GPS. Once up and away from the range of cell phone towers the A-GPS has issues providing a reliable and accurate GPS position. The external unit performs much better aloft. One last consideration and answer to a frequently asked question is the 3G and A-GPS functions cannot be added to a WiFi only iPad as a retrofit. So if you think you might ever want it you need to buy it at initial purchase with your iPad.

Where do I get an iPad? Do you sell them?

If you have an Apple Store in your city or town we would suggest that you go there to check one out if you have not seen an iPad in action. Best Buy and other electronics retailers also sell the iPad. FlightPrep does not currently sell the iPad. You can also find out more information on the iPad through the links below.

iPad2 Pricing from Apple

HD Size     WiFi Only     3G+WiFi

16GB           $499              $629

32GB           $599              $729

64GB           $699              $829

Accessories: Many customers have also found that a combination screen protector and glare reduction film, external GPS, and Mount from our accessory store (Link to Store), an iPad2 Smart Cover ($39 - $69 through this link to Apple.com depending on selected material) and a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard ($69 through this link to Apple.com) complement and help make the iPad a good EFB platform.

Note: Please verify with Apple.com for current prices, specials, and shipping delays on iPad and Standard (non-Aviation) iPad accessories

What about jail breaking my iPad to get Bluetooth GPS from other devices or add other features?

Apple does not recommend the process known as “Jail breaking” for the iPad or any device that runs the iOS. Apple has additional information on their website.

What about hot summer heat and the iPad?

The iPad is a great device for a lot of things but without an internal cooling fan it can be very susceptible to the summer or even year round cockpit heat. We would recommend that you do not place your iPad on the windscreen or any location where the iPad will be exposed to direct sunlight for a long amount of time. Any air that you can direct from a duct, out side, a fan, or otherwise will assist in the cooling of your iPad to ensure usability in the heat. We also recommend against the metal kneeboard boxes that you may find for sale for use with the iPad in the aircraft. The litmus test we have found to ally to a good cover or case for the iPad goes something like this: "If I was put into a small aluminum box and the cover was closed on a hot summer day with no real air movement around me would I get warmer faster than being exposed to the cockpit air?" If yes then try and dissipate as much heat as possible by allowing air to pass over your device at as many angles and as much as you can.

My iPad/iPhone is getting slow and apps are crashing what might be going on?

The latest version of the iOS (the operating system for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV) has a feature that allows other apps to continue running in the background that may cause your device to run slowly, apps to crash, and really detract from what you are used to. To free up some memory from your device to restore performance we would recommend you restart your iPad (a full restart by holding down the lock button for 6 seconds and swiping the turn off prompt then restarting) or close some background apps by doing the following: 1- Double Click on the Home Button (the main button on your iPad) quickly twice in a row. You will see a new row of icons appear across the bottom of the display that shows all of your background applications. 2- Hold your finger on one of the icons in that bottom row for 3 seconds and the whole list will start to shake and present a close button in the upper left hand corner. 3- Select the close button on some or all of the backround apps to restore memory. More information on the iOS is available at: http://www.apple.com/support/ipad/

I have the app but I cannot see any data. What’s going on?

Once the app is installed it will attempt to download the current base navigation data, non-referenced (no GPS position) airport diagrams, and the sectional for your selected airport or location. Please ensure that you are logged into the app with your email address and password and your email address appears above the current subscription expiration date. If you ever have technical issues or questions please send us an email at support@flightprep.com or call our tech support staff at (503) 583-4360.

My information button shows a page that says no information loaded, where is the information?

Please select the search button in the upper right hand corner of the airport page and type in an airport identifier to view information for that airport.

Is the price of the data subscription going to go up?

If you stay on a current data subscription you lock yourself into the same price as long as you renew within 15 days of your subscription expiring. If your renewal price is different than the current price please call our sales staff at (503) 678-4360 to renew.

I’m and existing FlightPrep Full US 48 IFR/VFR Chart subscriber, can I use that subscription on the iChart app for the iPad?

Yes, if you are a current subscriber your Full US 48 IFR/VFR subscription will be available for use in the iChart app on the iPad and or iPhone. You do not have to pay any additional for iChart data if you are a Full US 48 IFR/VFR subscriber.

How do I print using the iChart App?

Apple AirPrint is supported in iChart for approach plate printing. Please see Apple's website for more information regarding AirPrint.