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Helm X650 Docking Electronic Flight Bag System


The Ultimate Navigator

The X650 was designed, from the ground up, as a Panel Mount Aviation GPS.  It fits neatly in the avionics stack utilizing a snap in mount that maintains  the units portable status.  This allows the owner to install the X650 in the avionics stack of a certified aircraft.  Remove that old Loran and ADF and install a state of the art GPS Navigator.  A log book entry by an A&P is all that is required.

A Truly Amazing Display

The best feature of the X650 Panel Mount Aviation GPS system is it’s screen.  A 1000+ nits polarized touch screen ensures that the pilot is always able to read the data on the screen, even in bright daylight! Do you fly a bubble canopy like a Diamond, RV, Warbird, or something with a whole lot of light coming in the cockpit? The X650 is one of the ONLY displays out there that you will be able to see in direct sunlight.

GPS Built Right In

The X650 has a GPS receiver built right into the unit itself so no more messing with Bluetooth for connections. Simply power the 650 on, start your software, and go. The 650 also has a Gyro built in that we may add capability for in the future.

Best of Both Worlds, A Docking Portable

Panel Mounted moving maps are great, but so are their price. Portable's are good but they can really get in the way and the wires all over make for an ugly and disorganized scene. Get the best of both a portable and a panel mount with the X650. Get to the airplane and simply plug the 650 in and click it into its dock. Is it time to take the unit home for updates? Pull it out of the panel and put it into the flight bag to take home or to the office to load the updates.

Finger Touch Simplicity with Maximum Utility

The system is ready to fly right out of the box and the InFlight mode is optimized for use with just your finger touch. We build the best systems, upgraded with the most demanded options. A pilot tests your X650 to ensure you can take it out of the box and start using it right away.

Meets FAA EFB Requirements

If you are flying part 91 (vast majority of GA and business operations) you can stop messing around with paper now and fly with electronic charts. Part 135 and 121 pilots may also be able to fly paperless after meeting certain FAA guidelines. Please feel free to call or email us for clarification and please review FAA AC 91-78.

In Stock and Ready to Ship

We've got units in stock and ready to ship within 1-3 business days. Place your order today and get your X650 for your next flight. Have questions? Please call us at 503-678-4360 or email sales@flightprep.com .

X650 60GB SSD
starting price at $1999.99