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Golden Eagle Flight Prep and Golden Eagle Plus

Download Golden Eagle 6 by clicking on the download link below. Follow the on-screen instructions to save the application to your computer. When the download completes, exit any running programs and launch the application installer by double-clicking on the installer package. After the application is installed to your system, simply double-click on the Golden Eagle shortcut from your Desktop or from All Programs on your Start menu.

Click here to download Golden Eagle 6.

NOTE:The Golden Eagle 6 Flight Planner requires Windows XP SP3 or later. Golden Eagle 5 is also available.

Here is your checklist for the fastest possible startup!

  1. The install creates a new Golden Eagle 6 by FlightPrep icon on your desktop. To start the new software be sure you click on the new shortcut, or [Start] [All Programs] [FlightPrep] [GoldenEagle 6 by FlightPrep].
  2. When you start the program for the first time, please review and accept the License Agreement
  3. If you are online to the Internet, please confirm or create your FlightPrep User Account
  4. When the system informs you data is expired or Uninstalled, click [Update from Internet] to down the free additional data files. Select the [Updater] tab to view the download and installation progress. When the files are ready for access, they turn green. Just exit and restart the program to integrate the new data automatically
  5. Our brand new FlightPrep Help Manual is now installed and available on your system. You can access it via [Start][All Programs][FlightPrep][FlightPrep Help Manual]. To use and view the manual requires Adobe Reader (included on the CD ROM distribution.)

Review Golden Eagle "Jump Start" tutorial. Step-by-step instructions on how to install and start using the Golden Eagle FlightPrep program

The download listed above is free. These complete version downloads include all programs and data necessary for a new Golden Eagle FlightPrep installation. Future program updates are much smaller. Before downloading, consider your internet connection speed, faster is better. Minimum Hardware specifications for Golden Eagle version 6 software include: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer version of Windows, 1GB RAM, Minimum 300MB of available disk space, Windows 7 and Vista must run the software as an administrator or disable UAC for proper operation. You may also get a Free Golden Eagle FlightPrep CD sent to you by contacting DUATS 1-800-345-3828 or check www.duats.com