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Set Up Your Garmin® X96 GPS To Provide GPS Data for ChartCase


Many customers already use some variant of the Garmin® X96 (296,396,496,etc.) in the aircraft. Here is how to get it to send it's position information to your laptop or tablet computer running ChartCase software.

  1. Hit the Menu button twice on the GX96. Use the rocker key to enter Setup and scroll right to access the COM1 tab and settings. Select the Garmin® Data Transfer See your Garmin® Pilots Guide for more details.

  2. Download and install the USB Drivers software for your device directly from Garmin®: here is a link to the 296 site http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=010-00356-00

  3. When the above steps are complete, plug the Garmin® unit into your EFB computer via the mini USB port

  4. As long as you correctly installed the drivers in step 2, Windows will find and install the correct drivers for your Garmin® so ChartCase will be able to find the Garmin® GPS

  5. Start FlightPrep's ChartCase software, access the GPS menu option and select GPS Configure. Once the preferences window and GPS settings come up select Garmin® USB protocol then select OK to save your selection.

  6. Select Connect GPS and your Garmin® GPS position will be displayed on your charts and approach plates! You are done! (Please note that you may see red x's in the corners of the map/chart when the Garmin® GPS does not have a good locked satellite signal. We recommend that you reposition the GPS unit to a better view of the sky and these x's should clear!