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How to Configure Flight Simulator X to work with ChartCase Professional Software

Please Note: FlightPrep has found this interface to be a great training tool for using ChartCase software while also practicing aircraft workflow and procedures. However, the setup procedure documented below does require the purchase of additional software that costs approximately $60 US. The settings, setup, and connections required for Flight Sim to work with ChartCase (and any other moving map program) are fairly complex and must be completed just as stated below and in supporting documentation from each program required. FlightPrep (S&E Inc.) does not sell or have any control over the 3rd party software and its vendors that are required to get the connection running between your FSX, ChartCase, and other PC's. The information below is provided as a quick how to but does not replace any of the steps required in the 3rd party software's user manuals, FAQ, Readme's, or other materials. For questions on this procedure please email support@flightprep.com. Please note there is no phone support available for this process and your questions will be answered within 72 hours.

1) Make sure FlightSimX and ChartCase are installed and running.

2) Go to this web page and buy FSUIPC4 with WideFS.  
   - http://secure.simmarket.com/product_info.php?products_id=2068  
   - The bundle should be 36 EUR (or about $58 USD)
   - FSUIPC4 exports GPS (and other info) out of FlightSim
   - WideFS is a client you use on your Tablet to read the data from FSUIPC

3) Go to this web page and download the above programs.
   - http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html
4) Now download the Program "Virtual Serial Ports Emulator" from the link below
   - http://www.eterlogic.com/downloads/SetupVSPE.zip
   - This program is used to Emulate Virtual COM ports, which you'll need to have to run FlightSim and ChartCase on the same computer
5) Install FSUIPC on your desktop
   - When you install FSUIPC it will ask you for the serial number you got when you bought the application
6) Install Virtual Serial Ports Emulator on your desktop and tablet
   - Basically follow the instruction in the ReadMe.txt
   - Create a Com Port Pair, it doesn't matter their numbers, use 10 and 11 if they are free
   - You'll need to reboot after you make the Com Port Pair for it to take effect

To Run FlightSimX and ChartCase on the same computer (dual display highly recommended):

1) Start FlightSimX.  Do a Free Flight, say a 172 out of KUAO on a Clear day.  Click Fly Now!  Press Alt on your keyboard to bring up the program menu.  Click Add-ons, then FSUIPC.  On the AutoSave/GPSout tab, enable GPSout for using ChartCase on the same PC.  Select on of the two COM ports you made in step 6, say COM10.  Check the boxes next to the following at the bottom right of the display: RMA, RMC, VTG, GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV. If you would also like to send FSX GPS data to additional PC's click the right arrow button to the right of the wording GPSout. There are two GPS outputs and either can be used and they can both be used simultaneously if you wish. To enable GPS data on other PC's (that are running a properly configured WideFS program) click the check to enable the second GPSout and also check to "Send data via WideFS". Ensure that the same boxes stated above are checked for this out put (RMA, RMC, etc.) then click okay.  Leave FlightSimX running and go back to Windows.
2) Start ChartCase.  Select Configure from the GPS menu.  Use the NMEA 0183 Protocol.  Select the other COM port from step 6, say COM11.  The rest is default setting, 4800 baud, 8 data bits, No parity, and 1 stop bit.  Click Okay.  Go ahead and connect to the GPS port.
3) Arrange you windows so you have FlightSimX on one screen and ChartCase on the other.
  - I would recommend ChartCase on your primary display and FlightSimX on your secondary display.
4) Launch InFlight mode in ChartCase (optional).
5) Click in the FlightSimX window.  Press P to un-pause the application.  Grab your joystick and fly the plane.  You should see ChartCase spring to life showing your GPS position.

To Run FlightSimX and ChartCase on different computers:

• WideClient communicates with FSX running on a remote machine
• VSPE interprets the incoming data stream and presents it as a virtual com port.
1) Get and install VSPE and Wide Client on the computer that will run ChartCase. 

2) Run VSPE with a com port pair then launch Wide Client.

3) Start ChartCase, select the virtual com port created by VSPE under GPS settings then select OK

4) Select [GPS] and [Connect]