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A brief history of FlightPrep:
FlightPrep is a division of Stenbock & Everson Incorporated.

Originally, we only offered the FlightPrep Internet Flight Planner. Many of our long-term customers still think us (as a company) by our first product name.

As time went by, we released our ChartCase program and FlightPrep became associated with our company. The "Internet Flight Planner" product became "FlightPrep Online" as a differentiator from our software based product lines, FlightPrep ChartCase and Golden Eagle. We now offer a full compliment of software-based products. A comparison chart is found here.We hope this helps explain the changes in our company and product naming schema. If we can further assist you, please call or write. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

What is a 100% web based flight planner?
A flight planning service that is entirely driven through your web browser. This gives you a complete level of freedom from using a certain computer. You can access your FlightPrep Online flight planner anywhere you can get on the Internet giving you access to all your flight planning needs from your home, office, FBO, library, or local coffee shop. The features are comparable to the disk based products.

What is GoldenEagle FlightPrep?
GoldenEagle FlightPrep is a fully functional software-based flight planner designed to ease the use of the DUATS service along with all your basic flight planning needs. This product has been developed by FlightPrep for CSC DUATS and is being provided by CSC at no cost to you. More info You may choose to download purchased charts into your Golden Eagle FlightPrep software to use for planning and also have the option to print out the chart. You may download a free copy of the software through our site.

What is FlightPrep ChartCase?
FlightPrep ChartCase is a top of the line Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software suite providing an all-in-one solution to all your flight planning and paperless cockpit needs. It expands on the GoldenEagle FlightPrep product to bring you more flight planning features along with options for all the approach plates, sectional, WAC, TAC, enroute charts. more info

Who says that I do not need to use Paper Charts? The FAA has left this decision up to you if you are flying Part 91. FlightPrep has a complete section of our website committed to educating and enhancing your knowledge of the EFB. Please check it out HERE.

What exactly is a "Tablet PC?"

  • A tablet PC is a personal computer which runs all the programs your home PC does, the difference is the size and the input device/s.

  • Tablet PC's can accept inputs just like a desktop via keyboard and/or mouse. Tablet PC's also accept input on screen via a digitizer pen which is included with the tablet PC.

  • Tablet PC's are ultra portable devices that allow for computing on the go and are an ideal size for use in the aircraft or wherever life may take you!

What is the deal with10,000ft MSL & Solid State Drives?

  • Solid State Drives (SSD's) are here! No longer are high capacity tablets limited to spinning hard drives! SSD is available in all FlightPrep EFB systems.

  • Regular hard drives utilize a record player like mechanism which relies on a small cushion of air to run dependably. The lower pressure at altitudes above 10,000 feet may present major reliability issues.

  • There is nothing written that says that 10K is the magic number when it comes to crashing a hard drive. 10K is simply the upper limit of the manufacturers testing envelope. That means 10,000 for one drive and maybe 15,000 for another.

  • In a larger scale, this is what happens when the hard drive crashes: Think of the Hard drive surface as an extremely long runway, and the reading head is a 747 flying at 300kts about 2 inches off of the ground. Now, take away that 2 inches and you see what can happen inside your PC at unpressurized altitudes!

  • SSD's do not have these issues because there are no moving parts inside of the hard drive itself. Therefore, the device will work as high as your aircraft can fly!

  • SSD's have better performance than standard drives, almost 20% faster! SSD's also gives longer battery life, 15-20% in our tests!

  • SSD's run cooler than standard drives which increases performance and reliability throughout your operations!

  • If you are flying a correctly maintained pressurized aircraft that keeps a cabin altitude of 10,000' or less you will not experience the hard drive crash described above unless you experience a loss of pressure at altitude.

Many customers and prospective customers contact us to assist in a mission: "Please Help me go paperless and tell me how to get from here to there." FlightPrep has the only EFB solution that really accomplishes that task with your aircraft position on a real Sectional, Low/High Enroute, TAC, WAC, or Approach Plate. So your flying with a digital paper image of the real chart! Not a Vector (Computer driven image of what looks a lot like a chart but leaves things out.) The features of our software products help you go paperless, stay organized, and save time with revisions!

Which System is right for me?

  • The one that most efficiently accomplishes the mission with comprehensive and intuitive software.

  • The one that is a true EFB first and foremost, not an overpriced, uncertified Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multifunction Display (MFD).

  • The one that can grow with your flying needs, from a company with a proven history as a leader in advanced aviation technology and outstanding customer support.

  • The "Best Pick" from Aviation Consumer Magazine, that was also highly rated by: AOPA and Plane and Pilot Magazine.

Lets talk hardware:
Tablet or PDA? Tablet PC's have the ability to run ALL of your home PC applications and the most complete EFB software available today. PDA's are getting better, but memory capacity and limited view capabilities do not allow these machines to compete with the abilities of a tablet PC. Therefore, if you are looking for what the FAA calls an EFB, and uses for their own EFB's, a tablet is the right equipment for the job.

What About the Garmin 296/396/496/696? vs.
The Garmin 2-696 are good portable GPS units. Some can show XM Weather, and even display traffic feeds from a Garmin Mode S transponder. However, only a few of the Garmin's have EFB functions. For about the same up front cost as a 695, with a much less expensive update cost, FlightPrep can outfit you with a complete EFB system tailored for your specific needs which also includes a Windows XP PC with a much larger screen! Read our side by side comparison of the ChartBook EFB and 695/6®!

Which tablet is right for me?
Tablets are everywhere these days and ChartCase software will work on any running Windows that meet our recommended minimum specifications. All of our programs will work on any windows based PC, desktop, laptop, whatever you have or want to get. Our programs are also Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista Compliant. We have thoroughly flight tested the units featured and are confident that they are the best all around units available today when considering price, value, features, and ability to upgrade.

Why does FlightPrep not carry the Samsung Q1 or other Tablet PC's that may be adequate for the cockpit? The Q1, as well as many other tablets from Sony, Dell, Acer, HP, Gateway, Fujitsu, and others all run the software just fine as long as they meet the minimum hardware requirements for FlightPrep software. The tablets that we sell and recommend are a result of testing and analysis by our staff pilots and engineers. Our hardware options represent what we have found to be the best combination of cockpit usability, viewability, software presentation, and value. The Q1 has been retired from our list of recommended platforms since the introduction of other options far better equipped that do not cost much more that the Q1. However, If you find a device that suits your needs a by all means use it with your FlightPrep software. There are many tablets and PC's out there, our software will most likely run on what ever you choose. The list of tablet or ultra mobile PC's grows daily, but we strive to continue to build the best EFB software to utilize new technology as well as recommend the best platforms available.

How would you suggest that a pilot that is new to the term "EFB" get started with all of this technology? FlightPrep offers a 30 day purchase price money back guarantee on our software products (Please see Warranty information HERE) so we suggest a 4 step process to learning and customizing an EFB for you and the way and missions you fly:

  1. Purchase the software and try it out on a PC that you already own risk free for the 30 days. Weather you try it out with a laptop in the cockpit or your desktop in the simulation mode, this time let you get to know the software and what an EFB will enhance in the cockpit.

  2. Research and decide which EFB platform computer suits your needs and install your software, or have us set it up and test it for you.

  3. Add GPS Capability to your EFB to gain GPS position on your geo-referenced charts.

  4. Add XM Weather capability to your EFB for weather and TFR updates enroute.

Can I install FlightPrep software on more than 1 computer that I use? FlightPrep's software agreement, that you as a customer agree to allows for our customers to install their software and data subscriptions on up to three computers for your use.

May I share my FlightPrep software with other pilots? FlightPrep's software agreement for paid products and subscriptions which you as a customer agree to when starting to use the software does not allow for multiple pilots to install the software that is licensed to one specific pilot. FlightPrep does have Flight Department, Flying Club, Corporate, and Registration number licensing available, please contact sales@flightprep.com for more details.

What is Mantis? Why does it have a separate log in screen? Mantis is an enhancement request and bug reporting database system that FlightPrep uses to capture ideas from our customers and track progress on those suggestions or suspected issues. There is a separate log in, password, and log in screen for this system which is free HERE.

Where is the printed manual that comes with my paperless system? The FlightPrep Help manual is also in digital format and is an integrated part of all software products. This enables our customers to have access to the manual whenever they are using the program. Since the manual is digital FlightPrep is also able to add enhancements and changes to the manual as the software is enhanced. You may access the manual in a variety of ways: From the Planning screen under Help, and Contents, From your Desktop Shortcut for the Manual, From the Program Folder (Start, All Programs, FlightPrep Folder, FlightPrep Help Manual, if you are away from your system you may also access the manual HERE. Once you open the Help Manual you may print it out if you wish.

Do you Have a question that is not answered here? Please feel free to call or e-mail us and we'll gladly assist you.