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Over the years we made many changes to our manufacturing and distribution processes with the specific intent to resolve production, transportation, and reject issues.

Late in 2005, we switched source post-offices to trim one day from the handling time required to get the disk to you. Shortly after making this change, we began to get reports that users saw a "smeared" marking on the read-side of the media. We determined the cause when a user returned a damaged disk to us where the "smearing" manifested itself as the actual cancellation postmark printed on the shipping envelope. This change resulted in faster arrival of damaged disks. Not good and more changes required.

In the December 2005 shipment we switched to bubble-pack shipping envelopes for mailing of disks. This change eliminated the reports of physically damaged media. Due to an error in specifications, those disks were inserted into the bubble-pack mailers without an inner envelope. This change resulted in better condition upon arrival but we still missed our goal.

In the January 2006 shipment we implemented the inner envelope inside the bubble-pack mailers. We also brought new duplication equipment online to improve production speed and improve overall product quality. The new duplicator has top-rated Plextor DVD burners tuned for maximum target drive (your DVD drive) compatibility.

In the February 2006 shipment we switched to the highly respected Taiyo-Yuden DVD-R media. This product receives top-ratings. We also switched on Copy + Verify on 100% of the disks in our duplication equipment. The new burner system now performs a read-verify operation for EVERY disk we manufacture.

November 2007 we added another DVD duplication system to handle our increased shipments to our growing customer base and to ensure 100% of the product we ship is known and PROVEN good prior to shipping.

Occasionally, we do get reports of installation issues. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors typically result from an inability to access or read the source disc. The error can result from;

* Dirty or damaged media
- please inspect and or clean and retry

* Improper disc and drive specification
- please verify you are reading a DVD in a DVD capable drive

* Virus scanner interference
- documented issues with newer version of Symantec
Norton AntiVirus
- please disable the virus scanning operation until the installation is completed
- alternately, copy the files from the distribution disc to a local folder on your hard drive and run Setup.exe from that location

* Defective media
- if none of the above issues are present -and- the disc also fails in another computer meeting the above checks, please let us know. It is possible your disc is just plain bad. If this is the case, we will be glad to send a replacement.

We are working very hard to resolve any remaining installation issues. Your feedback is important to help guide our efforts toward our goal of 100% first-time problem-free installs of your product.
Please contact us with your comments regarding our new shipping and handling methods. Also as a reminder, please install your updates as soon as you can to get the maximum value from your subscription.