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Removing old subscription data from FlightPrep software

Unlike some other brands of aviation portables, flight planning software, and moving map applications FlightPrep products do not shut off your data when it expires. For many of our customers they find this a great feature and akin to having a few out of date charts that beat having no charts in an unforeseen situation. For some who do not wish to have any expired data in the software please follow the steps below to remove old data and subscription records. Please note that once you complete this process the data will be permanently removed from your system and is not recoverable. If you have any questions on this procedure please email support@flightprep.com.

  1. Go to the Updater tab of your FlightPrep software and see what data/subscription your would like to remove out of the "Purchased Subscriptions" window and list on the left hand side of your display. Notate the name of the subscription that you would like to delete.

  2. Send an email to support@flightprep.com with the subscription that you would like to remove and the email address that is associated with your FlightPrep software (if your not sure which email address you use with the software open the Account info screen on your FlightPrep software updater tab). Once you receive an email reply from support continue with step 3. Please note that this change will take place on all PC's you have your FlightPrep software loaded onto so you must follow the steps below on each PC.

  3. Close your FlightPrep software

  4. For Windows XP browse to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FlightPrep for Windows Vista and 7 browse to C:\ProgramData\FlightPrep (if you do not see the application data folder or the ProgramData folder please ensure you follow the instructions for showing hidden files at the following link then continue

  5. Delete the key.license file located in the folder you browsed to and close the file location window

  6. Restart your FlightPrep software and re-enter your email address and password when prompted, then select use existing account. You should not see or be prompted about the expired data again.