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Testing the display of PDF files on your system

FlightPrep uses the industry-standard PDF document format to create reports. Here is a simple test to determine if your system correctly handles the display of PDF documents. Thanks to Adobe, Inc. for hosting the test document.

Test Assumptions:

  • Your default Internet browser tool is set up and configured correctly to connect to the World Wide Web and,
  • Your file associations (external link) are correctly set to have PDF documents opened by your default PDF viewer.

Click the following link to download and display a PDF document: http://stlab.adobe.com/wiki/images/d/d3/Test.pdf

(Your system should open and display a simple PDF document hosted by Adobe Inc.)

If your system does NOT open a "Hello World" document, your system configuration may cause problems for FlightPrep reports too.

We suggest using [Control Panel] [Add/ Remove Programs] to reinstall your PDF viewing software.

FlightPrep recommends the use of Adobe, Inc. products available from http://get.adobe.com/reader