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Java Script Errors (also shown as "Wnd is null or not an object")

Most of the JavaScript error reports we receive can be traced back to "pop-up" blocker software. Numerous virus protection, browser tool-bars, and anti-spy ware programs cause interruption to the way our web site asks you questions.

What the blockers intercept is a confirmation screen (in the form of a child process window) where we need additional information from you.

When the child window cannot be created due to the blocker, the Java error occurs.

Please check your system for pop-up blockers;

Microsoft Internet Explorer [Tools] [Pop-Up Blocker] -or [Internet Options]
Google and Yahoo Toolbars have built-in Pop-Up blocking
Norton Symantec Firewall has a built-in Pop-Up blocker feature

Check your system thoroughly.  The record recorded by Tech Support so far is SEVEN (7) different pop-up blockers running on one system!

Please send a message to the Feedback link in the On-Line planner if you are still having difficulties.