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Golden Eagle Plus Software Online Flight Planner
Golden Eagle Plus Software
Offline flight planning with internet access. Contains
all the features available with the free Golden Eagle FlightPrep
(GEFP) DUATS software, plus a host of premium features.
100% Online Graphic Flight Planner
Always plan your flights with current data and latest FlightPrep
features 100% online, anywhere and any time. Point and click routing. Plan with accurate weather and efficient routes. FlightPrep Online Planner is patented #7640098.
  • Fuel Stop Planning
  • Multiple Altitudes
  • Offline Flight Planning
  • Flight Planning Wizard
  • Premium METAR Weather
  • Premium Profile View
  • Premium TripKit
  • Graphic Weight and Balance
  • Add your choice of Charts, Approach Plates, and Flight Guide Data
  • Online Flight Planning
  • Flight Planning Wizard
  • Point & Click Routing
  • DUATS Weather with overlay
  • Premium TripKit
  • Graphic Weight and Balance
  • Instrument Procedures for the U.S.
  • Low Enroute Charts for the U.S.
  • Sectional & WAC Charts for the U.S.
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Golden Eagle Plus Software... Starting at $79.95 Order Internet Flight Planner
FlightPrep Internet Flight Planner always current... $149.95/yr Order Internet Flight Planner