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AC 91-78 and AC 120-76A compliant
Class 1 and 2 EFB software

NOTE: Some features available only
in ChartCase Professional. See
comparison table for more details.

Aviation Consumer's Top Choice

  • Chart, Plate, and Procedure Management
  • Moving Map
  • Traffic Alerts (from Zaon XRX)
  • In-Cockpit Baron Weather
  • HITS (Highway in the sky) Synthetic Vision
  • Terrain Awareness
  • Virtual Instrument Tape Overlay
  • User Defined Checklists
  • All Charts (Except SIDs and STARs) Geo-Referenced
  • Available Data Sets
  • Instrument Procedures
  • Airport Diagrams
  • VFR Sectionals
  • Terminal Area Charts (TAC's)
  • World Aeronautical Charts (WAC's)
  • IFR Low/High Enroute Charts
  • Satellite View Charts
  • Flight Planning
  • Chart, Plate, Trip Kit, Flight Log printing
  • More flexibility and options for updates than any other option on the market

ChartCase Professional

Revolutionary Electronic Flight Bag

The Complete Solution! ChartCase software delivers practical and affordable paperless cockpit capability. Allowing you to have all your charts right at your fingertips. And it runs on most Windows computers.

Traffic Display

See what you've been missing! Get traffic information on your EFB straight from your Zaon XRX and without the need for TIS coverage. Traffic Advisory white diamond display for threats more than 2NM away, Alerts black diamond display for those between 2NM to 0.7NM, and Alert yellow circles for threats closer than 0.7NM. Clear and concise display helps you See and Avoid hazards. XRX receiver connects either wired or wirelessly to your EFB system.

Airborne Weather

Get real-time weather overlay on your ChartCase Professional. Know where the weather is and what it will be at your destination with ChartCase's in-cockpit weather capability. Utilizing a portable Baron receiver, in flight weather is no longer only for expensive panel mounted avionics. There's no complicated user interaction since the receiver automatically pulls weather data from the Baron satellite system. See NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, Surface Analysis, Lightning, AIRMET, SIGMET, Winds Aloft, Storm Cell Locations, City Forcasts, Cloud Tops, and even pop-up TFRs within moments. As always, the planned route and actual flight path is overlaid on this view. Baron receiver required for this feature.

InFlight User Interface

Designed for use in the cockpit, the InFlight mode provides large buttons allowing for easy program operation. Intuitive displays emulate traditional GPS operation. Eight predefined GPS pages provide comprehensive navigation information. Smart page formatting allows for split screen operation. You may define any combination of display pages in either the upper, or lower panel. When chart manipulation is required, a red boarder indicates which panel is active. Switching between panels is accomplished by the Toggle button. All buttons are large and easy to read. The display may be oriented in either portrait or landscape mode, thus maximizing chart readability.

Synthetic Vision HITS (Highway in the Sky)

To help you visualize your flight during the planning process and provide a virtual look ahead in flight, our high performance HITS feature displays the terrain and waypoint in stunning 3D format from the pilots perspective. Primary flight data is displayed for ground speed, altitude, and heading data. Also included are waypoints, airspace, and obstruction data. Surface mapping includes, vector chart, satellite topography and TAWS depiction.

Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)

Continually monitors your aircraft flight parameters such as ground speed/altitude and compares it to terrain and obstruction data, ChartCase Professional displays the surrounding terrain in a color coded format. Shown here, yellow indicates obstructions 100 to 1000 below your position and red shows obstructions from 100 below to above your aircraft.

GPS Moving Map

Fly with exceptional positional awareness. Navigate with confidence. ChartCase, with a GPS receiver, shows your aircraft position right on top of the approach plate (and all other charts as well). All charts are precisely "geo-referenced" for accurate moving map and weather overlay depiction. Eliminate the tedium of calibrating your charts (required by the competitors) since ChartCase geo-references all its charts.

Clearer than Paper Charts

And since ChartCase Charts are digitized and re-sampled for clear viewing on computer displays, they look better than the faded paper charts available from NACO. The wide magnification levels allow for easy chart interpretation on any screen configuration.

Geo-Referenced Charts

Since geo-referencing all charts each month is difficult and expensive (there are more than 12,000 plates), most other EFB vendors do not geo-reference their charts, they have you do it. FlightPrep is one of the very few EFB software providers that geo-references all it's charts - including approach plates, Sectional, WAC, TAC, Low and High Enroute and LandSat charts. This means you can track your aircraft position on any of these charts without the error-prone and tedious task of doing it yourself.

VFR/IFR Charts and Terminal Procedures

All charts can be viewed over a wide magnification range. The charts are linked to the route, a single click steps through your route waypoint displaying the desired charts instantly. ChartCase delivers optional low and high altitude enroute charts, in a bright and clear format. Since the charts are linked to the route, the correct chart is displayed with just one single click. ChartCase offers optionally all NACO terminal procedures including all arrival and departure procedures for the entire U.S.

Satellite Photo-imagery Mapping

To help you recognize the surrounding area (or visualize the land below a cloud deck) ChartCase Professional provides actual photographic representations of the earth below your flight for the ultimate method of verifying your position with visual checkpoints.

User Defined Check Lists

Standard on ChartCase Professional, the checklist option allows you to create virtually any checklists for your aircraft. It's easy to use and ensures all items are checked for each operation.

Legal for use in the Cockpit

FAA AC 120 and 91-78 state Class 1 and 2 EFB systems may be used on the ground and during flight as a source of primary or supplemental information. The FAA does not distinguish between paper or electronic charts, ChartCase may be used for the required charts. For more information on flying with our software please see our Paperless Learning Center.

Full Feature Flight Planner

Save money by eliminating the purchase of a separate flight planner. Fly with optimized flight plans. ChartCase Professional includes premium flight planning tools such as routing, filing, and powerful weather products. The premium flight planning takes full advantages of the Internet and allows complete flight planning either off line or on-line. You'll get the latest DUATS weather, file flight plans, print trip kits, plan your route, compute your weight and balance and more. When you are ready to go, simply click on the In-flight button and you'll have the ideal "moving map" interface for the cockpit.

Premium Graphic METAR Weather

Graphically displays color coded METAR weather for unprecedented ease of interpretation. This innovative weather presentation take the guess work out of weather briefings. At each METAR reporting point a color coded WX box displays the current flight conditions. Green for VFR, Yellow for MVFR and Red for IFR. Flight conditions are user definable. In addition to flight conditions, wind barbs, temperature and dew point spread are also graphically depicted.

Premium Profile View

In addition to the plan view weather, the Profile view also shows cloud bases, airspace, winds (in the correct FAA format), terrain, waypoints, route and MEA altitudes.

Terminal Instrument Procedures

The flight planner includes all NACO terminal instrument procedures, including all arrivals and departures for the entire U.S. Selection is simple. Just choose the region or the airport and select your instrument procedure from the depicted list.

VFR WAC and Sectional Charts

Plan your flights with all VFR charts. All charts can be viewed over a wide magnification range. The charts are linked to the route. A single click steps through your route waypoint displaying the desired charts instantly.

Graphic Weight and Balance

ChartCase gives you an accurate graphic display of your aircraft loading. A green presentation is shown for minimum fuel conditions and a red presentation shows the as loaded condition.

Plain Language Router

Now enter your route directly as you want to fly it. Use any combination of waypoint types (VORs, intersections, airports, etc.) to build your route your way. Specify Victor or High Level Airways and set maximum MEAs if you desire to avoid icing levels or oxygen requirements.

Advanced Trip Kit

All vector planning charts, raster charts and instrument procedures can be printed as part of the TripKitTM. You can be sure that you will always have current information on board.

Data Update and Subscription Options

Please see more information here about our Chart and Data Subscriptions.

Computer Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP Tablet/Pro/Home/Media Service Pack 2 or newer (FlightPrep Software is also Windows Vista and 7 Compliant, more information regarding Vista and 7)
  • 1.0 GHz Processor
  • 1GB RAM (2Gb recommended)
  • 10GB disk space (full data set requires about 10GB but can be as large as 15GB with all available data. Program can be less than 1GB if optional data sets are not installed).
  • 640 x 480 Resolution or greater, NOTE ChartCase Professional version 6 will not run correctly on PC's that are equipped with Intel GMA 600 Graphics (Motion CL900, Fujitsu Q500, Fujitsu Q550, and other PC's have this specific graphics setup)
  • Adobe Reader (Foxit Reader is a suitable substitute)