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The easiest way overlay NEXRAD on your FlightPrep flight planning chart!

 Did you know that you can overlay DUATS downloaded NEXRAD weather graphics onto your FlightPrep software? You can, and it is easy to do in just 3 steps!

  1. You must ensure that you have your DUATS login information entered correctly into the pilot profiles and you'll probably want to delete anyone named "No Name Entered" from your list of pilots. If you do not have a CSC DUATS password, email DUATS@DUATS.COM, go to www.duats.com, or call 1-800-345-3828 to get setup. Please remember that only your CSC DUAT information will not work in FlightPrep products, not DTC DUATS.

  2. The second task in getting NEXRAD to display is selecting your Weather Charts tab in the Flight Planner and then selecting "Contiguous 48 Sat/NEXRAD" from the list of commands and hitting Add. You will be presented with a Weather Graphics selection box that will let you select all, some, or one graphic for download. Once you hit OK on the selection box you will see the command "Contiguous 48 Sat/NEXRAD" added to the Pending Commands box. Select Connect from below that Pending Commands box and your software will connect to DUATS and download your graphics!

  3. Once downloaded choose the button presented to you that says "Close" then select the Chart Tab and the toolbar button that has a cloud with a sunshine behind it. You will see a box presented that gives you a list of NEXRAD files. Choose the one you like based upon the day/time group of each file and press OK. Voila! You should now have NEXRAD weather right on your planning chart.