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FlightPrep frequently receives compliments from our customers and reviewers...
Flightprep ChartCase EFB Software:
"After giving this some more thought, I have come to the conclusion that I made a grave error when I pushed the FlightPrep ChartCase Professional to the curb for what I thought was a better product (Anywhere Map Pro). I am unsure of what my options are for renewing my ChartCase License so that I can reinstall it on my newer Fujitsu P1600 series tablet. Can you please give me my options that I have to relicense my product?" John N.
"Support worked with me in resolving the conflict between FlightPrep and my GPS till late Thursday evening. I was able to make the long cross country on Friday and Saturday using a Fujitsu tablet, FlightPrep and the GPS. It was both fun and useful. Thank you Support for providing an exemplary support." D.R.
"I love flying with my ChartCase. I have steam gauges and GPS in my Saratoga and ChartCase gives me everything I need for charts and plates. I like having a completely redundant system. I wish I would have bought this system 20 years ago. I used to fly with JeppesenĀ® paper and I cannot imagine ever going back. Please renew my subscription and set up "Auto-renew" so I never have to worry about being current again." John D.
"I fly an Aerostar with G530/ 430 equipment. I wouldn't fly anywhere without my ChartCase Professional to clearly see just where I am directly on the charts. I find ChartCase invaluable for my flying, either up and down the East Coast or cross-country from Virginia to L.A." Dick G.
"I attended your symposium at Oshkosh 2008, and then purchased a Flight Prep electronic flight bag and electronic charts. I would have to say this is the most convenient and easy to use planning and navigation system I have ever used." Tom R.
"I went to Sun 'N Fun to buy an EFB. I shopped the competition and clearly, FlightPrep has the BEST EFB product on the market. Whenever I call Technical Support for assistance, I get through to great help!" Terry M.
"You guys have always been really good on tech support!" -and-
"I had Jeppesen FlightStar but I don't need it any more; I use FlightPrep ChartCase when I fly from coast to coast without touching a single piece of paper." Joe F.

"FYI, yesterday I had a short flight that involved a private strip called MN99. Laid out the flight plan in ChartCase no problem, even emailed the sectional strip maps to a couple of people.

"Got in a G-1000 equipped Cessna 182 to fly and -- no MN99 in the Jepp database! Had to enter it as a lat/long user waypoint. Very annoying.

"So, whatever database you guys are using, it is ahead of the Jepp guys." George A/ Long-time FlightPrep customer

"I absolutely love my ChartCase software. I fly all over the country working with new owner pilots. I use ChartCase to get rid of the paper charts and plates in my aircraft. When my students see how easy it is to use, they all want to know how they can make the move to a paperless cockpit. I just tell them to get ChartCase by FlightPrep!" Jim Petrizzy/ Factory trained Cessna Columbia pilot instructor
"I used my ChartCase Professional software to help evacuate people from Katrina.

"It was great. I got accurate winds info and used the approaches plates for all of my many takeoffs and landings. It was all instant.

"Just thought you might want to know how one of your users puts your system into use. Sincerely, Fred Burnet"

"I really like the download option of updating as it is essentially painless and works when I am traveling." Jody B.
"I have tried all the Flight Planning and Moving Maps software packages out there. FlightPrep ChartCase is the best, hand down." J.M.D.
"I have used the ChartCase system in a few trips; it is an impressive product for what it can do. It definitely outperforms my Garmin 296. Best Regards, Alan Mak"
"The 2007 version of ChartCase is even better than the 2006. Last year I liked what I had, and enjoyed demonstrating it to a local instructor on an Instrument Proficiency Review, but the convenience of the new display's options for selecting weather information is superior... I now have an entirely different impression of its value, and will certainly recommend it to anybody." said Adolf P., a ChartCase Professional customer since 2005.

"Thanks for your latest up-date.
"I downloaded it today and got everything installed. I appreciate your effort to enhance a great product.

"It is reassuring to see that the Cape Kennedy airspace is what I thought it was, and the prohibited, restricted and warning areas have the I.D.'s and air space shown when you roll over them. Don't stop making a great product better. Regards, Jerry K."

FlightPrep Training Products:

AOPA Flight Training Magazine Review
Visionary Roger Stenbock, developer of new FlightPrep ground school courses from Stenbock & Everson, Inc., brings an impressive background to his work.

Stenbock first created the flight-planning program called Flitesoft, still sold today by RMS Technology. Then he founded Mentor Plus, offering the popular FliteStar flight-planner software, and FliteSchool ground school courses.

When Jeppesen bought Mentor Plus five years ago, Jeppesen paid Stenbock not to compete in the ground-school arena for the next five years (FliteSchool is still sold by Jeppesen on CD-ROM). Even for a big company like Jeppesen, the German-born Stenbock posed too great a competitive threat. What did this flight instructor and entrepreneur do while twiddling his thumbs and not competing? He built and sold hangars at Oregon's Aurora State Airport and, for the heck of it, got a law degree in 1998 at age 56. He had no interest in handling other people's problems - he just wanted to satisfy his curiosity about the law.

Now the no-compete period is up and Stenbock is back, still working in the same building where he created Mentor Plus in Aurora. His FlightPrep home study courses are available for recreational, private, and commercial pilot certificates, and instrument, flight instructor, and helicopter ratings. They are offered on a variety of media: DVD, videocassette, and the Internet. A paper workbook is included.

Stenbock said the best way to use his courses is to purchase the DVDs for prices ranging from $165.95 to $208, depending on the course, and back it up with additional training over the Web site. Alone, the Internet program, which drills FAA questions and offers explanations of the answers, ranges in cost from $40 to $80. Stenbock offers packages that combine the DVD and Internet programs for $205.95 to $250. The private pilot videocassette course only is $155.95.

The best way to view the DVDs is to use a DVD player hooked to a television set, Stenbock said. Most computers use software to solve MPEG2 encoding needs, sometimes resulting in flickering and sound that doesn't quite synchronize with the picture. DVD players feeding television sets use a hardware solution for encoding, and the result plays like a movie. While a slight flickering was noted in the private pilot DVD when viewed on a computer, it was limited to the movement of the instructor and did not interfere with learning the material. While the sound did not quite synchronize with the picture, the instructor's voice was clear and easily understood.

The online course offers sound feedback. Selection of an answer, for example, brings up an explanation of whether the choice is correct. A checkmark is placed alongside the number of the question on the left side of the computer screen, indicating that the question has been answered correctly. If the student gets it right on the second try, a question mark is placed by the number, indicating that while the question was finally answered correctly, more review is warranted.

The courses make extensive use of 3D graphics, topnotch instructors, and real-world in-flight video to provide low-snooze, high-energy viewing.

For more information, contact Stenbock & Everson Inc., 22781 Airport Road Northeast, Aurora, Oregon 97002; telephone 800/966-4360 or 503/678-4360.

Alton K. Marsh