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FlightPrep Customer Support Center

Password Changes in FlightPrep Applications:

iChart Password Changing Procedure

FlightPrep Windows Software Changing Procedure

Steps to Clear email and Password Requests at each program startup


Windows Compatibility and Comparison:

Windows 7 Overview and Version Comparison

FlightPrep Compatibility on Windows Vista and 7 PC's

Showing Hidden Files and Folders on your Windows System


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who and What is FlightPrep?

What is a tablet PC?

Solid State Drives

What do I need to get started?

EFB Hardware

Canadian Aeronautical Data and FlightPrep


Paperless Learning Center:

FAA Guidance & Links

Part 91 EFB Usage

How can I legally fly without paper charts?


Customer Feedback:

EFB Pictures from the cockpit

Customer Testimonials


CSC DUATS Information:

CSC DUATS & FlightPrep Relationship

Domestic ICAO Flight Plans: Filing Tips

Domestic ICAO Flight Plans: When to File


ChartKey Support:

ChartKey Tech Tips


Hardware Tips:

Windows 7 Bluetooth Setup

WX WORX USB Device Drivers (For USB WX WORX Receivers)

XP Fujitsu. Motion Bluetooth device installation

Delorme USB GPS tips

Garmin® 1/2/396 Setup

Garmin® GPS18 Setup

Tablets in the Cockpit Tips


InFlight Use of ChartCase:

Normal Cockpit Startup Steps for use with XM/Wx 


Operational Tips for FlightPrep Software:

How to setup Microsoft Flight Sim X to communicate with ChartCase software

Installing the ChartCase Program & Data

Resolving looping Data Update messages

Removing old or expired data from your FlightPrep software

Java Script Errors

Moving Your FlightPrep Data from One PC to Another

Testing Report Displays

eReader Devices and FlightPrep Charts/Reports

How to Print Approach Plates


Weather Tips:

How To Display NEXRAD Returns on your Flight Planning Chart

XM/Wx Error "Deactivated Indicator Received"