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ChartCase Install instructions:

ChartCase Download

Click the Download link above and select either Download server #1 or #2. When the download begins, Click Save to store the file anywhere you wish.

When the download completes, exit any running programs.

Double click the file you downloaded to begin the install process. We recommend you accept all installation defaults.

The installer creates a new FlightPrep ChartCase 2007 icon on your desktop. To start the new software be sure you click on the new shortcut, or [Start] [All Programs] [FlightPrep] [FlightPrep ChartCase 2007].

(Note: Windows Vista users have special procedures; reference Vista Compatibility)

When you start the program for the first time, please review and accept the License Agreement

The software will present an Account Info setup screen. Please enter your email address associated with your FlightPrep User Account and the password you created during the order process and click "Use Existing Account." If you forgot your password, you may recover it here; Account Info

Chart, Data, and Plates Download instructions for your purchase:
Start the program. If the system informs you that “Data is expired or not installed” click [Update from Internet] to down load the additional data files.

Select the [Updater] tab to view the download and installation progress. When the files are ready for access, they turn green. Now exit and restart the program to integrate the new data automatically.

Tip: If the Update From Internet button is not available, confirm you created your user info via the Account Info feature on the Updater tab or the Help main menu option.

Our brand new FlightPrep Help Manual is now installed and available on your system. You can access it via the shortcut on the desktop or [Start][All Programs][FlightPrep][FlightPrep Help Manual]. To use and view the manual requires Adobe Reader (included on the CD ROM distribution.) It may also be downloaded here: Help Manual Download