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ChartKey Tech Tips

ChartKey Software Update 4.6.3:

A temporary issue exists in the ChartKey updater program that could affect your ability to update the software version to the latest release if you are using a version older than 4.6.3. The issue occurs when your ChartKey device is labeled anything other than an E: Drive on your PC. If your PC can use and or view the device as an E: Drive you will not have any issue updating and do not need to follow the procedure outlined in this FAQ. Below are instructions on how to access your drive regardless of which letter it is but if you do not wish to follow these steps or are unfamiliar with the procedure please email support@flightprep.com or phone 503-678-4360 and we will ship you out a new device for exchange.

Please follow these steps to update a ChartKey device that is not currently E: Drive:

  1. Run Disk Manager to access ChartKey on the E: drive
  2. Navigate to E:\Data folder and delete chartkey.license file
  3. Run the Updater application
  4. Enter email address, password
  5. Select & download the ChartKey Application Update
  6. Exit Updater application
  7. Run ChartKey application
  8. Accept License Agreement
  9. Select [Help] [About ChartKey] shows V4.6.3
  10. Exit ChartKey application
  11. Run Updater application
  12. Select [Help] [About Updater] will show version 1.0 Copyright 2008
  13. Exit Updater application
  14. Right click on Updater.exe, select properties, select version, Label should read: File version:
  15. Update Complete, again if you have issue follow this procedure please call or email and we will gladly send you out a replacement key.

Standard ChartKey Updating: * Note if you subscribed to the ChartKey Exchange service you may also use the Internet update feature.

How to Update your ChartKey via Internet Updating:

  1. Insert ChartKey
  2. Do Not Run ChartKey Program, if software auto-opens please close out of software. You cannot update the software while it is open.
  3. Open The ChartKey Drive (not the software but the drive) through My Computer (In Vista Open the Computer Name). If the software continues to start up with a standard double left click try a right click on the Drive labeled "Run ChartKey" and select Open from the drop down menu.
  4. Once the drive is open select the application called Updater via double left click
  5. Updater will open the first time and ask you for your username and password. This information was setup for you or by you, please ensure that you use the email address and password you have on file with FlightPrep. If you have a question on what email or password you have established with us please email support@flightprep.com or call 503-678-4360.
  6. Once Updater opens you will see data, buttons to download the data, and possibly software downloads. To Start your download select the Download All Button from the bottom right side of the screen.
  7. Once the data has all been updated close the Updater program
  8. Open ChartKey and verify that your data has been updated by checking the right or left margin of an approach plate.

How to Update your ChartKey via Physical Media Exchange:

  1. Run the ChartKey program on your existing ChartKey device.
  2. Use the main menu option [File] [Backup] to make a copy of your current configuration and data to your computer.
  3. Eject the old ChartKey, package it and return it to us.
  4. Insert the new ChartKey device and start the ChartKey software.

Remember: If you subscribe to a Physical media exchange YOU MUST RETURN THE OLD DEVICE unless you wish to buy another ChartKey.