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ChartBook Electronic Flight Bag System

The Ultimate EFB

ChartBook is the ultimate EFB Platform for today's busy pilot. An all in one portable EFB, navigator, PC, and media tool that offers more features, a great form factor, and an awesome display. Based on a popular Dell Venue 8 Pro platform FlightPrep optimizes Windows 8 for EFB use, loads your included ChartCase Professional software, and does setup and testing on your included GPS and other hardware or accessories to build you a full system at a great value.

See the Whole Picture

The ChartBook has an 8" capacitive touch display that makes seeing your charts, plates, or 3D Highway in the Sky easy to read.

Dependable and Proven Industry Leader

We setup your computer and transform it into an EFB by removing all the junk-ware, installing only the programs you need, configuring the system settings so there are no pop up surprises or sleep modes, and test it all out before you get it! Loaded with FlightPrep's ChartCase Professional software you have both a great and award winning flight planner. and Aviation Consumer's

Finger Touch Simplicity with Maximum Utility

The system is ready to fly right out of the box and the InFlight mode is optimized for use with just your finger touch. We build the best systems, upgraded with the most demanded options. A pilot tests your ChartBook to ensure you can take it out of the box and start using it right away. ChartBook is easy to use and easy to learn, if you are using Golden Eagle software you already know how to plan a flight using ChartBook!

Meets FAA EFB Requirements

If you are flying part 91 (vast majority of GA and business operations) you can stop messing around with paper now and fly with electronic charts. Part 135 and 121 pilots may also be able to fly paperless after meeting certain FAA guidelines. Please feel free to contact us for clarification and please review FAA AC 91-78.

starting price at $650 with a year of data.